Neckties, Post Six

Neckties, Post Six

Pina Bausch, “The Man I Love” (Gershwin) from “Nelken” (1983)

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“A well tied tie is the first serious step in life.” –Oscar Wilde
Alfred Hitchock, “Frenzy” (The official trailer)
Apollinaire, “La Cravate et la Montre”
“Les Cravates” sur une chanson de Thomas Fersen.
“La corbata. The tie. La cravate. Die Krawatte. Cravatta.つながり”, Animation by J. G. Arrillaga

*The language is ASM (American Sign Language) which is very different from BSL (British Sign Language). It’s quite obvious once you think about it but I found out relatively recently =) –more here.

(Hat tip: A.M. –Also many thanks to Matthias W. for explaining to me all about the evolution of sign languages over pints of ale at L.J.R. )


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