The ‘Producers’ debuts in Germany

The ‘Producers’ debuts in Germany

Adolf Hitler is returning to the Berlin theater where he watched “The Merry Widow” during World War II, but this time he’ll be on stage, singing “Heil Myself,” swinging his hips and fluttering his eyelashes in Germany’s first production of Mel Brooks’s celebrated musical comedy “The Producers.”

[The manager of the Admiralspalast, Falk] Walter is confident the musical won’t flop in Berlin, even though some critics are wondering whether it should be staged here. “Should one be allowed to laugh about Hitler?” wrote Berliner Morgenpost, a local Berlin daily. Berliner Zeitung, another Berlin paper, wrote, “it remains risky to put this satire about Hitler on the stage in the former Reich capital — even if it has been successful around the world and Jewish people in Tel Aviv laughed about it.”

It remains to be seen how Berlin audiences will respond to the sight of statuesque blonde maidens wearing oversized pretzels and sausages on their heads as the lead tenor stormtrooper sings “Look out, here comes the master race!”


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