Offside by Jafar Panahi

… football in Iran is now very big and Offside genially taps into this mood. We see a girl wearing nondescript, floppy sports gear, with the national colours painted on her face, sitting on a coach with a rowdy bunch of lads, desperately hoping not to get caught. Her father, utterly distraught, is out looking for her. One boy spots her disguise and wishes her good luck – but she is in no mood to be patronised. Shrugging off his condescending good wishes, she joins the crowds outside the stadium, buys a ticket from a tout, only to be caught by the police and led away to a special holding pen of women football fans. They must then go through agonies of listening to the roar of the crowd and trying to work out what is happening from the uneducated commentaries of the national service boys in uniform who have them under lock and key.

The Guardian

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