The time that remains

The time that remains
Dir/scr Elia Suleiman. Palestine-France. 109mins.


Suleiman adapted the screenplay for The Time That Remains from diaries his father wrote as he was dying in their native Nazareth, a mostly Arab city in Israel. This impressive film is, however, as much about the director (who, as always, plays himself, this time in the last third of the movie) as it is about his father, Fuad (Bakri). They journey in opposite directions. His father shifts from gun-making and resistance fighting during Israel’s 1948 War of Independence to postwar acquiescence. Suleiman traces his own path from young conformist to political activist, and ultimately to mute observer.

A master stylist, Suleiman intersperses Keaton-style sight gags, tense scenes chronicling Israeli abuse, and intimate sequences of his family at home. American distributors tend to shy away from pro-Palestinian fare, but this leisurely film could find a home in European arthouses and on television.

The Time That Remains is bracketed by a sequence in which an Israeli man driving a van during a thunderstorm is thrown into a time warp…

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