British ‘naughty nuns’ face Crete court

British ‘naughty nuns’ face Crete court

They were charged with “scandal and misrepresentation of a costume or uniform” but were released when no one showed up to testify their behaviour was offensive, according to the Foreign Office. “The charges were dropped this morning, and the group are not yet back in the UK. We provided consular assistance,” a spokeswoman said.

As always in these cases I end up sympathising with the British consular diplomats who get caught between the savagery of the Greek police and that of lager-louts on holiday. This being said I wonder whether it is time for Greek police to become familiar with international cross-dressing practices –that was just a stag party after all, imagine if it were somewhat more serious. Teaching the complete works of Pedro Almodovar at Greek police schools would help IMHO. Then prospective policemen could move on to Pluralism 102 re: Religious Liberties.


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