Japanese publisher prints horror novel on toilet roll

Japanese publisher prints horror novel on toilet roll

Dire times for publishers.

Horror writer Koji Suzuki has teamed up with a Japanese paper manufacturer to have his latest stomach-churning novella published in a very convenient form – on toilet paper.

Suzuki has won acclaim as one of Japan’s leading horror writers and was behind “Dark Water, “Spiral” and “Ring,” the tale of a videotape that caused the death of anyone who sees it. “Ring” was made into a movie in Japan before being snapped up by Hollywood.

His latest work is set in a public toilet and plays on Japanese superstitions that ghosts and evil spirits inhabit the smallest room in the house, which is why they were traditionally relegated to the most distant part of the home. Parents still tell naughty children that a hairy hand will seize them when they have their pants around their ankles if they misbehave and drag them down into the dark water below.



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