Obama: Firmly Committed to Net Neutrality

Obama: Firmly Committed to Net Neutrality

President Obama has done it again – re-affirming his unyielding commitment to an open Internet. It happened this time during an announcement on Friday of a new initiative to beef up the nation’s defenses against cyber-attacks.

The Web-savvy commander-in-chief said he planned to select a new “cyber-czar” for the job, but also pledged not to trample on the civil liberties of Net users.

“Let me also be clear about what we will not do,” the president said during the announcement. “Our pursuit of cyber security will not — I repeat, will not include — monitoring private sector networks or Internet traffic. We will preserve and protect the personal privacy and civil liberties that we cherish as Americans. Indeed, I remain firmly committed to Net Neutrality so we can keep the Internet as it should be — open and free.”


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