Obama in Cairo (Yglesias)

Obama in Cairo (Yglesias)


This is a guy who’s not afraid to try to express complicated or difficult ideas. He wasn’t afraid to do it in Dreams From My Father and now that he’s long past writing his own material as a solo act, his whole team is clearly imbued with the same spirit and that same mandate to try to really explain the complicated and difficult ideas rather than sweep them under the rug.

This seems connected to me to the remarkable way in which this speech is being pushed out in multiple media—on television, but also on Twitter and on Facebook and via SMS and all in multiple languages—to a global audience.

  1. boybloom said:

    Hey, why don’t you link so we can watch the speech?

    Letter from London: the US Embassy was all festive today, with members of the public invited in to watch the speech live.

  2. MadNihilist said:

    Thanks! =)

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