U.S. judge cancels N.Y. hearing in Shell-Nigeria trial

U.S. judge cancels N.Y. hearing in Shell-Nigeria trial

A U.S. judge canceled a hearing on Wednesday in the civil trial of Royal Dutch Shell over the alleged involvement of the giant oil producer in the executions of protesters in Nigeria in the 1990s.

Presiding Judge Kimba Wood in U.S. District Court in Manhattan had already postponed the trial indefinitely. In a court order on Wednesday, she said the hearing in the case had also been postponed indefinitely. No reason was given, and no new dates were announced.

Shell’s complicity in the spotlight

He laughed gently and I relaxed
Happy to find
In spite of the gun.
He was still a man.
It lit the dark
that gentle laugh
In the pith of night…
But it was only the low laugh
Of one who was soon to die.

(from Ken Saro-Wiwa, Songs in a Time of War, 1985)

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