Cringe moment of the last term: Deliberative Polling (EU)

Culte de la semaine: EU – Cringe moment of the last term: Deliberative Polling (EU) / LOL!


Fishkin‘s sales pitch has not changed for almost two decades now –why should it change if makes taxpayers money flow his way?

Citizens are often uninformed about key public issues. Conventional polls represent the public’s impressions of sound bites and headlines. Deliberative Polling® is an attempt to use public opinion research in a new and constructive way. The process is designed to tell us what conclusions the public could reach, if people had the opportunity to get together, to gain balanced information, and to become more engaged by the issues.

Read more (assuming you care that is).

And those of you who have forgotten the domestic-democracy-debauchery involving Fishkin & Co. click here and (even more embarrassing) here.

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