Orhan Pamuk promoting his latest novel on the Guardian

Author, author: Why do beautiful scenes inspire us to kiss?

Orhan Pamuk promoting his latest novel* on the Guardian (One can’t possibly take this seriously!):

Another reason I could look with lightness at the couple kissing intimately was that I had written quite a few pages on these topics for my most recent novel, The Museum of Innocence. Millions of people who live outside the west – and especially those who, like me, live in Muslim countries – never get to see two lovers kissing on the lips in everyday life (of course, you do not necessarily have to be lovers to kiss on the lips). In the non-western world, kissing on the lips is an act performed either indoors in bedrooms or in films (with the exception of Brezhnev and Gromyko). Like hundreds of millions, or probably billions of my fellow world citizens, I saw kissing on the lips for the first time in my life at the cinema – during my childhood, there was no television in Turkey. I remember wondering to myself whether their noses would bump into each other when they kissed.


*The Museum of Innocence (Hardcover) by Orhan Pamuk translated by Maureen Freely


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