Giorgio Gaber e Maria Monti – La Balilla (1964)

Midday discovery: Giorgio Gaber e Maria Monti – La Balilla (1964)

  1. Maurice Politis said:

    A surprise choice of traditional Milanese burlesque, in pure dialetto. I suppose it is not meant to be an homage to the Cavaliere for his EU elections (semi)success ;-) Giorgio Gaber is much more than “La balilla”. Actually this type of songs I have them in mind with Nanni Svampa, another very interesting Milanese artist and also known for his adaptations of George Brassens in Italian, for instance

    • MadNihilist said:

      Now that I think about it, Brassens and the rest that is, il y aurait également cette “pomme”… Elle n’a pas besoin d’être défendue ou cuite et ça fait trente ans qu’elle ne donne aucun signe de perdre “son goût nature”… =)))

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