Kindle Joins a Literary Ritual: Authors Can Autograph It

Kindle Joins a Literary Ritual: Authors Can Autograph It

(Still not quite convincing.)

At book events, bibliophiles typically wait in line to present books to pen-wielding authors, but as readers increasingly turn to electronic-book devices like the Kindle, it raises the question of whether book-signings may one day go the way of the inkwell.

A recent reading in Manhattan at the Strand bookstore by David Sedaris, whose most recent book is “When You Are Engulfed in Flames,” may have offered a glimpse of the future. A man named Marty who had waited in the book-signing line presented his Kindle, on the back of which Mr. Sedaris, in mock horror, wrote, “This bespells doom.” (The signed Kindle was photographed, but its owner’s full name is unknown.)


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  1. Maurice Politis said:

    You can do all kids of nifty things with ebook readers it looks: have them autographed or read a math paper full of equations Where it fails is in children’s books, at least this is how it looks. Not enough visual touchy-feely to have it capture a 5-year-old’s imagination (methinks.)

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