Prefab Villas Designed By Daniel Libeskind

Prefab Villas Designed By Daniel Libeskind

(Closing eyes and ears to the Acropolis Museum kitsch fest.)


Daniel Libeskind’s recent project, a series of signature prefabricated homes, is a drastic change from his usual commissions. Although a smaller project (5,500 square foot), the residence strongly speaks his language of design with drastic angles, strong geometries and seamless transitions between spaces. In this ever-growing age of prefab dominance, Libeskind’s Villas will be able to be shipped to almost any location in the world within months, and will be assembled on site by a team of experts within weeks.

‘This is really the first time I have taken on the issue of doing something which is a limited artistic edition of a new space, a new way of living….I did everything in reverse in my career. Most people start with small projects and go on to design a museum. I started with a museum,’ Libeskind commented.


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