Among Calls for Collaboration, a Plea to Reinvent University Presses

Among Calls for Collaboration, a Plea to Reinvent University Presses

More (and there will be even more to come) on the long-time ailing business model:

Despite the emphasis on cooperation, there were occasional hints of residual tensions among the presses, university administrators and libraries. At a session called “University and Press Collaborations,” moderator B. Byron Price, director of the University of Oklahoma Press, asked panelists about such tensions. Penn State Press’s Patrick Alexander, referring to the fact that the session was being recorded, declined to answer.

The final plenary, on Saturday afternoon, explored experiments in the highly controversial area of open-access publishing, primarily of journal articles. Among others, Ivy Anderson explained the California Digital Library’s recent open-access arrangement with Springer’s journals, though overall there was perhaps more boosterism than details on a sustainable business model.
At a session on open-access digital repositories at Harvard, MIT and Penn State, an audience member asked about studies on whether such repositories are saving campus libraries the cost of buying back faculty scholarship in the form of expensive journals; Amy Brands of Harvard said no such studies have been done, but that such cost savings are not one of the Harvard repository’s goals.


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