Washing without water

Washing without water


SYNTHETIC fibres tend to make low quality clothing. But one of the properties that makes nylon a poor choice of fabric for a shirt, namely its ability to attract and retain dirt and stains, is being exploited by a company that has developed a new laundry system. Its machine uses no more than a cup of water to wash each load of fabrics and uses much less energy than conventional devices.

The system developed by Xeros, a spin-off from the University of Leeds, in England, and demonstrated at the Clean Show held in New Orleans between June 18th and 21st, uses thousands of tiny nylon beads each measuring a few millimetres across.


  1. Maurice Politis said:

    Back when I was an undergrad I have experimented with the no-wash-for-a-semester method and got some interesting finding that I will publish some day in the “Annals of Improbable Research”.

    • MadNihilist said:


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