Blur at Glastonbury 2009

Blur at Glastonbury 2009

Despite talk of the “dad-rock” lineup, Blur made sure that the real winner at this year’s Glastonbury was pop music. They weren’t alone, of course. Earlier in the weekend, La Roux packed a tent out with glitter-strewn girls who clearly wanted to be just like her. Dizzee created a Pyramid stage frenzy by unleashing a series of b-b-b-bonkers mainstream hits. And Lady Gaga showed that a 20-minute guitar solo can’t really compete with straddling a motorbike and baring your arse. Battle lines had been drawn – it was the pop scenesters who triumphed.

So sure, Young played a great gig for his fans. And Springsteen put on a fantastic show for Boss devotees. But Damon, Graham, Alex and Dave? They put on a show that touched every heart in Pilton.



Blur – Song 2 – Glastonbury Festival 2009


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