Pina Bausch

Pina Bausch est morte

La chorégraphe et danseuse allemande Pina Bausch est morte mardi 30 juin à l’âge de 68 ans, a annoncé le Tanztheater de Wuppertal, en Allemagne, dont elle dirigeait la compagnie depuis 1973. Sa mort, à l’hôpital, fut “inattendue et rapide, cinq jours après qu’on lui eut diagnostiqué un cancer”, a indiqué la porte-parole, précisant qu'”elle était encore dimanche dernier sur scène avec sa compagnie, à l’Opéra de Wuppertal”.


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“With a perennial cigarette in her hand, and her indescribable smile, Pina Bausch established a turning point in contemporary dance for the last quarter of the last century,” he said in a statement.

Bausch, the grande dame of modern dance choreography, died on Tuesday aged 68, the theatre in the western city of Wuppertal where she was director for over 35 years said.

Her work featured Almodovar’s 2002 arthouse hit “Habla con ella” (“Talk To Her”).

“Pina let me show her magic at the end of ‘Talk to Her’,” Almodovar said.

“Our friendship was intense and forever. Pina was very feminine and very sensual.”

He said the two agreed on many issues, “both artistic and personal (the eclectic use of music and of women as an icon).”

She “was a constant source of pleasure. She sparked very diverse emotions in me and always inspired me,” he said.

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