“Turning the Tide on Democratic Pessimism”: The speech David Miliband delivered at Monday’s memorial lecture.

Cringe moment of the month (This must have come via inter-party memos. I doubt the Foreign Office would be so wrong): “Turning the Tide on Democratic Pessimism”: The speech David Miliband delivered at Monday’s memorial lecture.

Now that Labour knows about Marousi that fourth term is in the bag =)

But I am struck by an example from a Parliamentary system closer to home. Only one European socialist party really did well in the European elections – in Greece – is also the party that has been most radical in its institutional reforms. The changes have been profound:

opening up the party so that now over 900 000 Greeks, out of a population of 11 million, have equal rights as members or ‘friends’

tackling a macho culture with quotas for male and female representation

taking forward innovation with the use of deliberative democracy to select the PASOK candidate for an Athens municipality, and open primaries to select party candidates for local elections

promoting high standards through a Members’ Ombudsman to guard ethical standards

committing to education through an Institute for Adult Education for all officers, members and friends

improving society through Every Day a Citizen, an organization dedicated to citizen engagement

and a pre Congress dialogue with debate on the political programme in 1600 teams and committees

We need to be exploring all these ideas.

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  1. boybloom said:

    It must have been the Corfu sun that got to him.

  2. Correlation is not causation. It is utter BS to say, for instance, that “every day citizen” has had any impact on the electoral outcome. I doubt Miliband honestly believes that those particular initiatives really worked for PASOK. More like he is trying anything to justify his own reformist agenda. But hedging on GAP for his actions is not wise.

    • MadNihilist said:

      There’s something worrying about Miliband’s incorporating this hollow and utterly inaccurate blabber in a major speech without bothering to check a couple of facts.

      Every Day Citizen!? It would be funny to tears if it were not so serious.

  3. orestes17 said:

    His grasp of the world derives from the same intellectual tradition that gave us WMD in Iraq and other wonders: trust anybody who speaks good English to tell you what’s happening in their country — and would deny that GAP speaks good English?

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