Does God Hate Women?

Does God Hate Women?

After all the arguments for subordinating women have been shown to be self-serving lies, what are misogynists left with? They have only one feeble argument that is still deferred to and shown undeserving respect across the world, even by people who should know better: “God told me to. I have to treat women as lesser beings, because it is inscribed in my Holy Book.”

Ophelia Benson and Jeremy Stangroom are the editors of Butterflies and Wheels, the best atheist site on the web. In Does God Hate Women? they forensically dismantle the last respectable misogyny. They argue: “What would otherwise look like stark bullying is very often made respectable and holy by a putative religious law or aphorism or scriptural quotation . . . They worship a God who is a male who gangs up with other males against women. They worship a thug.”

Every major religion’s texts were written at a time when women were regarded as little better than talking cattle. Their words and commands reflect this, plainly and bluntly. This book starts with a panoramic sweep across the world, showing – with archetypal cases – how every religion has groups today thumping women down with its Holy Book.



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  1. Ο Λύκος της Στέππας said:

    Θυμίζω την μνημειώδη ατάκα I met God. She is black που αρέσει πολύ στον Ουμπέρτο Έκο, κι εκτός αυτού διαλύει τα στερεότυπα των σύγχρονων μονοθεϊστικών θρησκειών πολύ οικονομικά: σε έξι λέξεις.

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