Sanaa’s summer pavilion brings sunshine to the Serpentine

Sanaa’s summer pavilion brings sunshine to the Serpentine


Made of enormous sheets of aluminium polished to a mirror finish, and supported by slender stainless steel columns, the structure makes the raindrops look quite beautiful: the ceiling reflects them as they fall, so they seem to go up to the heavens, as well as down to earth. All we need is some trippy music and the pavilion, designed by the Japanese architectural collaborative Sanaa, will be complete.

This is clearly a good way to experience the structure, which was unveiled yesterday. As Ryue Nishizawa, one of Sanaa’s two founding partners, says: “The pavilion is designed to amplify the way things look.” But, as well as playing visual tricks, the swooping roofs, rising up from the ground to the canopies of trees and back down again, also amplify incidental sound: birdsong, the clip-clopping of horses, the thrum of passing traffic.


* SANAA : kazuyo sejima + ryue nishizawa

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