War protest migrants may face passport penalties

War protest migrants may face passport penalties

They can’t possibly be serious:

New migrants who demonstrate an “active disregard for UK values”, possibly including protesting at homecoming parades of troops from Afghanistan, could find their applications for a British passport blocked under new citizenship proposals published today.

But migrants who contribute to the “democratic life of the country” by canvassing for political parties could find the application process speeded up so that it takes one year instead of three.

The proposals unveiled by the immigration minister, Phil Woolas, set out a much tougher regime for the 150,000 people who apply for a British passport each year, using a points-based system for “earned citizenship”.



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  1. Euston_Madman said:

    Fovero eh? Kapos etsi skeftontai kai oi sinergates mou pou to paizoun kai aristeroi…Oraia i anglia paidia!
    (Euston_Madman doesn’t know how to spell in Greek. Sorry guys!)

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