Kevin Dart interview

Kevin Dart interview


How would you describe your creative process?
Usually the first step is finding some inspiration or a spark to start a drawing, and that can mean letting an idea marinate in my brain for a long time or looking at tons of reference. As soon as a rough image forms in my head I begin scribbling tiny thumbnails and notes to help me visualize the idea better. Once I’ve figured out a composition that excites me I’ll start fleshing out the elements in the image with more detailed drawings and reference. Then I do a color study. At this point all of the hard work is done and I just need to use my drawings and color studies to complete the final illustration. When I’m on a really tight deadline though I tend to skip the whole first part and start at the color study.

How do you pair a concept with your distinct style?

I think the style of my work derives from hundreds of different sources of inspiration, so when I get a concept from a client I just have to search through that backlog of styles and ideas to find the right one for the job. In my personal work, when all the doors are wide open, I tend to feel like I’m battling with too many ideas and I have to try really hard to focus on just one to keep a consistent style to the work.

How do you know when a project is finished?

With an illustration I always reach a point where I can’t think of what else to add to it. For me it doesn’t help to spend lots of time on nit picky details at the end, so when I reach a stopping point I’ll just put it aside and maybe come back to it in a few weeks to see if there’s anything I want to fix.

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