Low cost airlines lend citizens a ‘European’ identity

Low cost airlines lend citizens a ‘European’ identity


Environment impacts cosmopolitanism/global identity… One could argue though that cosmpopolitanism and an emerging global civic identity would be pre-requisites for the implementation of climate change policies, no? (OK, OK. Just bugging Sozatz Rol =))

Concern about the effect of flying on the environment looms large over the debate on the future of air travel. For example, the likely entry of aviation into the EU emissions trading scheme (EU ETS) in the next couple of years will mean that the industry will have incentives to reduce carbon emissions from aircraft. More efficient engines will help, but fare rises are inevitable. Answers lie in positive change, like building high-speed rail to more destinations so that the impact of travel is spread over more places and its environmental cost is reduced. Though the economic and political costs of traditional methods of transport have to be accounted for, free movement means little without the means to move.


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