Perfect Angle for Treasure Island: 68 Degrees

Perfect Angle for Treasure Island: 68 Degrees


Sixty-eight degrees happens to be the best angle for the streets in San Francisco’s Treasure Island project, a utopian vision of green, pedestrian-centric living. The planners have realized that nobody will walk if they’re buffeted by blasts of wind that sweep the island from the southwest, so they came up with a compromise that blocks wind while giving cars enough clearance to turn.

It was just one of the interesting factoids that came up during yesterday’s tour, organized by the AIA SF for their Architecture + the City Festival, going on right now  (still time to catch one of the other tours and get in on the learning and schmoozing!).

The main presenter, Karen Alschuler of Perkins+Will–who was involved with the project from the start, when it was just SMWM rather than the many firms in the mix today–gave a thorough presentation with a new aerial rendering:

She painted a vision of how residents would commute to the city.  ”You’ll be drinking your coffee at the kitchen window, and see the ferry leave from San Francisco, which takes about 13 minutes to arrive, and you’ll walk down to catch it.” All homes on the island will be designed so they are a 10 to 15 minute walk to the ferry building.



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  1. Και η κυβέρνηση εδώ κάτι παρεμφερές σχεδιάζει… :-)

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