Today’s news in pronouns

Today’s news in pronouns


Today’s Henan Business Daily forgoes the usual front-page image in favor of an unusual teaser:

Today’s recommended news items

Him and Him, and also Her and Them

Each pronoun is tied to a story:

· Him: The Online “Living Lei Feng”: “A medical insurance center employee has been answering netizen questions in his spare time, all to help locals have an easier time of it.” Volunteerism, not astro-turf PR. (link)

· Him: The Drug Kingpin: “12 tons of ice in a single bust, as much as the rest of the world put together. Three family members entered religious orders. Liu Zhaohua executed yesterday.” This story made most of today’s papers; read CCTV’s report for more info.

· Her: The Hapless Woman: “An old woman went traveling and encountered wild monkeys. Knocked into a ravine, she’s suing the nature reserve.” The woman and her husband went to see the monkeys but didn’t expect one of them to climb on her shoulders. She panicked, and went over the side of the path, where there was no guardrail. (link)

· Them: Why are there so many divorces in August and September?: “When children go off to college, husband and wife have nothing left in common, and they tire of their two-person world. Listen to experts tell you how to find harmony.” This is the time of year when articles on empty-nest syndrome get trotted out. (link)



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