Marcel Duchamp’s Étant donnés: The revival of a masterpiece

Marcel Duchamp’s Étant donnés: The revival of a masterpiece

Reporting from Philadelphia – Marcel Duchamp served for many years as both a prince and court jester to modern art in the 20th century. While creating some well-known works, he also punctured pretensions with jokes, pranks, aphorisms and a perpetual hunt for new byways of art. Then he announced he was abandoning art, giving it all up to play chess. But he was not telling the truth.

He worked in secret for 20 years, assembling a huge, fanciful and puzzling diorama. When he died in 1968, only a few people knew about his secret.

A year after his death, the Philadelphia Museum of Art installed the secret work and displayed it to the public. While some patrons were shocked by its sexuality, it soon became a magnet for young artists looking for new paths to take their own work. Duchamp’s masterpiece, known as “Étant donnés,” a shortened form of its French title, is now regarded as one of the most powerful and dynamic influences on contemporary art.




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