Political geeks in Europe

Political geeks in Europe

Whether you call them politechnorati, eGov geeks or political hackers, they are giving new meaning to the word participatory democracy, which can be much more than “just” voting in an election every forth year. Most of them are working in the outskirts of political institutions, but influencing them by building tools that are vastly better than what the institutions can come up with themselves.

From my base in Brussels, where I work as a journalist who writes about communication technology and EU, I bump into them frequently. I will soon give you an overview of some of the hardworking political geeks in Europe. But be aware, this is just a small selection of them, there are many more, and we will continue writing about them.

Even though they come from different European countries and political cultures, they have a lot in common, such as the fight for:
– access to public data
– improving communication between politicians and constituency through new digital communication tools
– transparency in political processes
– encouraging use of open source
– teach people how to use the internet most efficiently to improve lives

At this point, the most innovative eGov geeks are based in Britain, but that can soon change. ()

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