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Henri Cartier-Bresson, L’amour tout court

Culte de la semaine : France

“Quand on veut on n’obtient rien. Il faut rien vouloir.” -H.C.B.

Culte de la semaine : EU / La photo kitsch du jour


Et fini avec l’UE. J’en ai eu assez !

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Italy’s Mike Sponza: the pan-European way to blues

The creation of an pan-European CD is the biggest organisational challenge. We have developed an innovatibe technology, which you could call ‘song crossing’. My trio in Trieste creates a first version, which is used in other cities for further recordings. If we aren’t able to meet up we use the internet to send material. For example, a guitarist from Copenhagen sends a piece to a musician in Budapest, who develops it stylistically and reinterprets it. They then send it on to a musician in Spain and so on.