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Twitter in 1906, France

«Aliocha then introduces a writer of whom I had never previously heard, Félix Fénéon, who for a few months in 1906 used the “News in Three Lines” column of Le Matin to tell stories in poetic snippets of fewer than 135 characters, such as:»

M. X., de Montauban, nettoyait son fusil. On l’enterre demain. (”Mr X of Montauban was cleaning his rifle. He will be buried tomorrow.”)

Madame Fournier, M. Voisin, M. Septeuil se sont pendus : neurasthénie, cancer, chômage. (”Mme Fournier, M. Voisin and M. Septeuil have hanged themselves: neurasthenia, cancer and unemployment.”)

Le bateau de pêche la Marie-Jeanne, dix hommes dessus. Une lame de fond, dix hommes dessous. (”Fishing boat Mary Jane, ten men aboard. A sudden swell, ten men below.”)»

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Paul Gilroy on Twitter:

[N]ew dimensions of the black Atlantic are being manifested in the toxic waste dumps of Cote d’Ivoire.

[N]ow we can know the novel value of African infrahumanity. Kenya’s timid court also helps with that task.

Cowries, trinkets, guns, alcohol, slaves, cod & gold. Secondhand clothes, toxic waste, diamonds, more gold, tantalum, truth & reconciliation.

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