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Improving on reality

Recent developments are pushing “augmented reality’’ toward the mainstream. Until recently, the term has mostly been used in research laboratories and in science fiction to display information over live images of the natural world. Now it’s cropping up in demonstrations of mobile phone applications that have already been launched or are on the way.

Mobile phones running Google’s Android platform, for example, are already capable of displaying information over scenes viewed through the phone’s camera. An application called Layar can display Wikipedia entries over an Android phone’s camera view of a scene. It can, for example, add information about Plymouth Rock when the smartphone is pointed at the landmark.

Apple iPhone enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the next software upgrade to the iPhone 3GS, expected this fall, which will enable new augmented reality applications. When a user points the phone’s camera at an eating establishment, for instance, recent reviews could appear over the image on the screen. Pan the camera to a nearby sculpture, and the display changes to show information about the artist. Keep panning to a nearby store, and sale items pop up.


E-Waste: There’s an App for That

chinaiphone1Before year’s end, Apple and China Unicom will finally launch the iPhone in China, leaving hundreds of thousands of affluent Chinese cell-phone users with an increasingly pressing question: What should they do with their old handsets? Sure, some will pass them on to friends and relatives, and others will stash them in drawers. But for those precious few who decide that they’d like to recycle their old cell phones in an environmentally sound manner, they’ll be mostly out of luck. Unlike in the United States, Apple doesn’t offer to collect and recycle old cell phones for its customers in China. And the Chinese government, which has long decried the developed world’s exports of e-waste to its shores, has done almost nothing to handle the growing tide of its own, homegrown e-waste, generated by its expanding middle class. In short, as China grows, consumes, and gets hooked on the iPhone, the environmental disaster that is South China’s e-waste processing industry is about to become much worse. ()

Augmented Reality App Points to London Tube Stops


Though much of the work being done in augmented reality has thus far been of the gimmicky, flashing, ad-centric sort—more proof of concept than truly functional—the clever iPhone developers at acrossair are putting it to fantastic use with their new app, Nearest Tube. Taking advantage of the iPhone 3GS’ integrated compass, Nearest Tube merges GPS, compass, and video camera data to create a real-time overlay of the position and proximity of, as the name implies, the nearest tube stations.

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